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Conversation English

Get a tutor and practice your English with a native speaker from the US. I teach conversational English lessons to give you the practice, correction, and instruction you need to improve your English.

In order to learn English well, you must speak with native English speakers. You also need corrections when you make a mistake. The more you practice your English, the better you’re going to speak.

My lessons are conversational, which means most of the time you’re talking! The focus is on conversation – getting you to speak fluently, confidently, and with good pronunciation. Getting conversational classes is the best way to improve your confidence when using spoken English.

Improve your English by getting feedback and corrections for your mistakes in grammar and English pronunciation. The classes are planned specifically for your goals and needs.

Price List:

45 minutes 400 CZK
60 minutes 450 CZK
90 minutes 675 CZK
120 minutes 800 CZK
10 lessons (60 minutes) 4,000 CZK
---------------------------- ----------
Transport to client location 100 CZK